Whatcom County Council Chair Rud Browne To Run For Lytton House Seat

BELLINGHAM, WA – Longtime environmental entrepreneur Rud Browne, a recently reelected Whatcom County Council member (and current Chair), will run for the 40th District Legislative seat currently held by Rep. Kris Lytton, who is retiring. The district includes South Bellingham, Lake Whatcom, Mount Vernon/Burlington, Anacortes and San Juan County.

“This past legislature was an inspiration for any one of us who seek to change things for the better. I admire the work Rep. Lytton did seeking solutions to the Hirst Decision water deadlock, closing the gap for more education funding, repairing the social safety net and our mental health care system. I could not be more motivated to keep the many good things going that this legislative session delivered,” said Browne.

As an award-winning successful entrepreneur, Browne built the first business in the world focused on the reuse and recycling of mobile computers which previously were just thrown away. As the former employer of hundreds of tech-savvy employees, Browne ran an environmentally-sustainable, environment-protecting operation that fueled local families with good jobs and salaries that the region should be a natural to attract. “From my county council position, I have worked long and hard to listen to our constituents, understand the issues, apply my experience in business, community service and environmental issues to making better government decisions. I want to bring this experience to the state level to continue the job of making all our lives better,” he said, “especially in areas like our environment, economic fairness and family wage jobs.”

Browne has worked on a number of “we/they” issues trying to breakdown the division among longtime opposing factions within Whatcom County. He has helped build bridges that value our water resources, respect our clean air and protect our land from pollution – while still supporting the creation of jobs that can allow a family to thrive. “It’s my broad experience and ability to bring everyone to the table that I believe voters will see differentiates my candidacy from others drawn to this open seat,” he said.

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